Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drivers vs. Irons

Michael Breed answers email on driver and iron swing techniques. Watch The Golf Fix only on Golf Channel. For more help with your game, visit GolfChannel.com/the-golf-fix.

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Golf Tips - Hit Your Driver Further And Straighter

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How To Stop Slicing Your Driver

Mark Crossfield talks about how to control your tee shots with some great golf instruction. Learn to hit straigter golf shots with less slice spin as Mark talks about clubface control and swing plane. Improve your golf for free with the Internet Golf Professional.

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Most common reason for the slice

GolfersMD.com. Send that slice packing! Mike Malaska is one of the worlds most sought after instructors. He is the Worldwide Director of Instruction for Nicklaus Academies and is charged with training all of the Nicklaus instructors.

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Ball position is one of the most important elements to hitting with a driver versus an iron. However, as Andrew demonstrates, there's an important change you must make in posture when taking your set-up to avoid slicing the ball.

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Swing Plane Drill

Derek Hooper the Director of Instruction at the Hank Hank Haney Golf Academy at Lake of Isles gives you a great swing plane drill that you can do at home or at the range that will help you improve your swing plane and help you become more consistent.

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Hank Haney Golf Tip - Correct Grip

Hank Haney goes through a step by step process that will have your hands on the club the correct way every time.

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